Development Services

Secure Data Center

Our team can support and troubleshoot your workstations or servers remotely using simple web based tools to get your systems back up and running at full functionality.
Products and Services

  • Web Site Design & Graphic Design
  • Application Customization and Development
  • Mobile Application development
  • Digital Signage & Media
  • Research
  • IT Key Metrics Data
  • Contract Review

NDIT Development Services include

Web Site Design & Graphic Design

To complement our Web hosting service is our state of the art Web and Graphic design services as we will build your business’s web page from scratch and include any digital media content you wish. We will design and host your web site with most attractive trendy look in the industry today, using cutting edge tools such as J-Query.

Application Customization and Development

We can customize, and develop any application to facilitate and brand your business’s needs. Also we can build you a completely new 3rd party application to help your business efficiency going up against the competition.

Mobile Application development

NDIT Solutions can create, build, and customize any app on any mobile platform you need including tablet, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or iPhone smart devices.

Digital Media & Signage

In this ever changing business world, marketing and advertisement is prominent to the success of your product. Digital Media & Signage getting bigger every day and only accounts for 20% of the world’s advertisement platform with a huge upside for the future. Imagine swiping an image on your smart device only to end up on a 62 inch LCD board in front of you. We can integrate our top notch digital signage technology with your Social Media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others. Any business that is serious about success in the 21st century needs to implement this marketing and advertisement solution.