Secure Data Center

Our team can support and troubleshoot your workstations or servers remotely using simple web based tools to get your systems back up and running at full functionality.

Products and Services

  • Web Site Design & Graphic Design
  • Application Customization and Development
  • Mobile Application development
  • Digital Signage & Media
  • Research
  • IT Key Metrics Data
  • Contract Review

NDIT Support Services

On site consulting

We can help keep your business running top notch through our white glove client side support giving 24×7 support around the clock.

Remote Support

Our team can support and troubleshoot your workstations or servers remotely using simple web based tools to get your systems back up and running at full functionality.

NDIT Managed Support Services

Project Management & CIO Services

At NDIT Solutions we can help guide, plan, and facilitate your project management from start to finish. Our CIO services also provide technology consulting to small and mid-sized businesses. We offer a wide variety of services, from strategic technology advice and planning to the most important aspects of technical work. With our vast network of resources and partners, we can tackle almost any request you may have.

Network Security & Assessment

At NDIT Solutions we will come in analyze your network infrastructure, assess your system fault tolerance, backup methods, Network security, and overall performance. We will make suggestions so your network business solutions will run more efficiently with a cost effective plan to suit your needs.

VOIP Solutions

Save your business money with NDIT Solution’s business VoIP services. We offer both hosted and integrated voice over IP solutions at an affordable price.

IT Auditing – Security Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Audit

We offer a variety of popular pre-audits to assess compliance … with an internal vulnerability assessment and external penetration test. NDIT Solution’s also offer helpful post-audit support.

IT Governance

We will give your small or medium size business a new confidence in running your companies IT governance with an enhanced performance and risk management process moving your business forward into the future.

Disaster Recovery

At NDIT Solutions our number one objective is to give you a fail-safe disaster recovery solution that gives you peace of mind in the situation of any weather related event or catastrophe.

Hosted & Managed Microsoft Exchange

We make hosting your email solution simple by using Microsoft’s industry standard, Microsoft Exchange with Outlook 2010. Our email solution will include fail safe email archiving so no important data is lost.

Hosted & Managed SharePoint

With our managed SharePoint services we can reduce inefficiencies and optimize work flow with a hosted SharePoint collaboration. Also we have flexible service options and skilled consultants available to create customized SharePoint solutions with seamless access from a variety of platforms and devices.

Cloud File Storage Hosting- NDIT Solution’s Cloud File service solution is running alongside today’s top trends in Cloud innovation. The cloud continues to deliver these advantages today. But now it’s not just a promise: Cloud technologies have a credible story and solid case studies to tell prospective customers in the enterprise. We can convert your whole office to the Cloud network making your cost on equipment low while raising your business’s technology efficiency higher.

Application Server Hosting

Even in this every changing world business needs dictate new challenges in technology, but some things stay the same. One such need is for Application Server Hosting. We will build and keep your Application server running at high efficiency and be able to keep your software upgraded, and updated as needed in a seamless fashion with minimal user down time.Virtual Data Center Hosting- As more business’s become more virtual we at NDIT Solutions can help create and streamline your virtual network by reducing company cost on hardware and introduce a virtual experience right from your smart device to access your workstations or servers from anywhere with ease.

Off Site Data Back Ups & replications Solutions

Complementing our Disaster Recovery solution is NDIT Solution’s Off Site data backup service which will be ready a moment’s notice. All your data will be backed up, and cataloged at a safe off site location that’s very affordable.

Web Site Design & Graphic Design

To complement our Web hosting service is our state of the art Web and Graphic design services as we will build your business’s web page from scratch and include any digital media content you wish. We will design and host your web site with most attractive trendy look in the industry today, using cutting edge tools such as J-Query.

Application Customization and Development

We can customize, and develop any application to facilitate and brand your business’s needs. Also we can build you a completely new 3rd party application to help your business efficiency going up against the competition.

Mobile Application development

NDIT Solutions can create, build, and customize any app on any mobile platform you need including tablet, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or iPhone smart devices.

Digital Media & Signage

In this ever changing business world, marketing and advertisement is prominent to the success of your product. Digital Media & Signage getting bigger every day and only accounts for 20% of the world’s advertisement platform with a huge upside for the future. Imagine swiping an image on your smart device only to end up on a 62 inch LCD board in front of you. We can integrate our top notch digital signage technology with your Social Media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others. Any business that is serious about success in the 21st century needs to implement this marketing and advertisement solution.